Version 2.8 Release Notes - December 2019

by Dan Simms, on Nov 18, 2019 5:08:49 PM


  • Text label customisation - ability to customise most text labels in the web/smart phone application, allowing businesses to introduce business specific language without code changes.
  • New event functionality allowing administrators to create an event without selecting technologies/services that are impacted. This will issue an alert/communication to everyone at the location (or everyone if all locations are selected) via their selected communication preference.
  • New template functionality - administrators can now create incidents / planned maintenance templates and events, with pre-agreed text such as incident details and workarounds. This allows incidents to be raised significantly faster, with agreed text. It is also useful for business continuity event use case, where administrators can define a series of business continuity events templates for events such as cyber-incidents, floods, bomb scare, fire, etc.
  • Multiple single sign-on provider support - multiple SAML/OAUTH2 single sign-on provider support. For example, this allows administrators to integrate Klaxon with multiple instances of Office 365/Azure Active Directory.
  • Faster Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams instant message delivery - addition of multiple Skype for Business delivery accounts, to scale delivery throughput.
  • Automatic account provisioning/deprovisioning – SCIM2 support, for automatic account provisioning/deprovisioning and information synchronisation.
  • Incident digest if one or more incidents occur outside of the subscribers alert time window, and is/are not resolved before entering the alert time window, a digest will be sent to the subscriber outlining the active incidents.


  • The administrator can now send notification messages that ignore subscriber time selections.
  • The administrator can now view a list of who was not affected by an incident in addition to being able to view who was affected.
  • New companies will have ‘Event' template automatically added to their tenant.
  • Updated ‘Add new’ button, to allow easy election of templates.


  • Under certain circumstances, subscribers could not be removed via the user interface. This is now resolved.